Welcome to the website of the Christian Science Pupils of J. Thomas Black, C.S.B. The purpose of this site is to provide a platform to efficiently communicate with the students and guests that attend our annual Association day meetings. This meeting is usually held on the first Saturday of October each year, but sometimes on the last Saturday in September. See the Events page for more information.

OVERVIEW OF MR. BLACK’S SERVICE TO THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MOVEMENT In addition to his long career as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, Mr. Black has filled many roles on behalf of the movement, including those of Board member of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts, Committee on Publication for Michigan, Trustee of The Christian Science Publishing Society, President of The Mother Church, First Reader of The Mother Church, Teacher of the Normal Class for new teachers of Christian Science, and member of the Board of Education. He also wrote extensively for the Christian Science periodicals. To all these assignments, he brought depth of vision, courage of conviction, candor and humility, keen wit, unending love for the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, as well as intimate knowledge of and respect for the Church Manual. Mr. Black has conducted the annual Association Day meetings since 1971.

Following his passing in December, 2011, the Pupils’ Association continues to serve its members under the Church Manual and the Association bylaws, as directed by our Teacher and his wishes. The annual Association Day is addressed by a speaker selected by the Association’s Executive Committee. The speaker for the following year is announced at the annual Association Day.

GUESTS: Christian Scientists who have received Primary Class instruction from an authorized Teacher of Christian Science may apply to our Secretary to attend our Association day meeting. (Please note that this request must be made each year, so that we may plan handouts, name badges, etc.) Please include in your email the name of your Teacher, a note of permission from your Teacher or Secretary of your Association, and all of your contact information. Our Secretary will reply directly to you. Please go to the Events page for more information. Click here to contact our Secretary.

LIST OF PREVIOUS LETTERS TO MEMBERS Some members are wondering if they have received all of the communications from the Executive Committee. Below are the list of the most recent letters that have been sent. If you need a copy, members may contact our Secretary, or see the letters on the Members Only webpage.

  • May 2017 Board of Education Annual Meeting Workshop
  • April 2017 Meeting Date Clarification & Board of Education Letter
  • February 2017 Speaker’s Message and Assignment
  • February 2017 Dues Letter
  • December 2016 Our Association has a new Secretary
  • August 2016 No Outside Lunch
  • August 2016 Association Secretary Needed
  • August 2016 There is such thing as a free lunch…well, sort of
  • July 2016 Invitation to Meeting with Lunch Reservation
  • July 2016 Speaker’s Message
  • January 2016 Letter and Speaker’s Assignment

The above letters are available on the Members Only webpage.

CHANGE IN YOUR INFORMATION Should an Association member or Guest have a change in their email address, street address or phone, please notify the Secretary right away. We have worked hard to update our files and want to keep them totally accurate. Members will receive communications by US mail if we don’t have an email address for you. If you do have an email address, please let us know right away. Email is far more efficient for us.

"The truths spoken in the church service can fully meet the needs of each listener at every moment. They turn us more and more to God, the only healer."


Christian Science Sentinel
Oct. 9, 1971